About Good Dick

Dude, you gotta take good care of your Dick, your Balls and your Ass!

I like to talk about sex, eroticism, sensuality and lovers. In sharing my escapades and adventures, I’ve been asked more than once, “What makes good dick besides great fucking fitting underwear and cock accessories?”



If pleasure, seduction, desire and ecstasy are but just a taste of what you want to experience in your erotic and sexual adventures with lovers, it is of the utmost important that you fucking know…that you know… just what makes for good dick…..that gets deep inside of your lover. With this list, you can add to it, reference it, share it and hopefully fucking have at it.

1. Your DICK Itself

In order for the dick to be good, the dick itself must be addressed. The length. The girth. The way it looks. The way it feels and smells. The tip. The shaft. The slight curve. The way it fits…or hopefully doesn’t fit in your lover’s hand when they grip it. Length can vary from one fucker to the next. You?

Me, I’m 9 inches at least. My fuckbuddy is11.5 inches – a blessing of which I will always be grateful. Girth? Not every man is expected to be Shane Diesel but it would be nice if you actually couldn’t grip it with one hand. Just hope that you’ll never be in a position where your lover has to choose between length or girth. Most men and women want both. They want their ideal length and ideal girth…otherwise…it is not good dick.

2. Your DICK Energy

I may have to coin a new term. “Dicksynergy.” Dicksynergy is the understated yet potent power of the dick which can even be experienced before you have ever encountered the dick. This is the ability a man’s dick has to lure any lover into deep “pre-cum play”, long before foreplay. This happens because the energy and the suggestion and the tease he exudes emanates from every pore…the source of which is in the dick. Dicksynergy…long before one has been “Dickmatized” will have one…your lover…. begging to be fucked by him when he hasn’t even touched you yet. It is the charisma and the charm and the swagger he possesses. This power could stem from his personality, his character, his mind, his sexy underwear or his fucking fantastic sex accessories. Really though, that eroticism unseen is otherwise known as Dicksynergy.

3. Your DICK Stroke

Good dick is deep dick. Good dick has a natural rhythm. Decent dick will hit that G-spot. Good dick will hit that back wall. It will stay there, linger there and open your soul. Full stop.

4. Your DICK Vibration

Have you ever felt a dick pulsate inside you? Have you ever had a dick so deep in you that it pushed against your back wall and THEN it quite literally pulsated inside of you? Have you ever noticed if that dick’s vibration was aligned with your frequency? Have you noticed the ongoing transmission of erotic expression found in that dick vibration? That would be his Dicksynergy flowing through his dick vibration. Have I lost you? Some call aspects of this tantra. An intentional Dicksynergy expressed via vibration…yes, let’s call that tantra. One more. Have you ever deep-throated a dick and felt his heart beat? That’s dick vibration too. That’s not called tantra, per say. When you can feel his heart down your throat…now that’s called Fucking Good Dick!

5. Your Double DICK

Names can be deceiving because really, “The Double Dick” is your ability to cum once. Then twice. Then three times in the span of one sexual encounter. If it’s that fucking great, then perhaps, it’s four times. But it always starts as a double dick. The double dick will have your lover tapping out during sex. I’ve only tapped out with two lovers.

The double dick is a rarity. In fact, I recall a lover who thought my dick itself was made of magic. I had the Dicksynergy, the Stroke and the Vibration. Once during sex, as I was just going in, blowing his mind, and making him say things he would never normally say. Mid stroke without missing a beat…because I had that natural rhythm, I looked him in the eye and said, “I’m about to cum. I’m letting you know now because once it happens, I will take the condom off and put on another and then I’m going to keep fucking you.”

I’m sorry. He said, What? I mean, he clearly couldn’t entirely process what I was saying because he was lost in his own pleasure. But even still, I could still see that “what the fuck!?!” look in his eyes.

But that is, in fact, what I did. I sped up my pumping rhythm, fucked him even harder, came hard, moaned in pleasure and without missing a single beat, took the condom off, tore open a new one, put it on and immediately continued to fuck him.

I’m going to explain the connotation called, “The Magic Dick”. This is news to most people. I definitely have had lovers who could take the whole Double Dick thing but usually they needed was a restful break in between…sometimes a midnight nap or snack or something. However, this one particular lover fucking reveled that I only paused the time it took for me to put the new condom on. Of course, in retrospect I can assume he was perhaps semi-hard the second time I entered him…he couldn’t cum again but I sure did. All I know is that he definitely loved the Double Dick and that….. that was some fucking good dick.

When it comes to you, what makes your DICK GOOD?

Ring Your Cock Right The Fuck Here

What Good Dick Can Do

Good dick will give you an aftershock when you just say your lover’s name under your breath. Good dick will rearrange your organs and have you walking crooked the next day. Good dick…a dick that’s the right fit inside of you, with energy emanating through its tip, that has an unrelenting stroke and a vibration pulsating on the frequency of your desire and hunger will fuck you up in all the best ways possible.

If you ever wondered….well, now you know. When I talk about dick, because moving forward I will, you know exactly what I mean when I talk about that good good….that good dick.